Social Work Day at the United Nations, April 3rd 2023 - Program

Creating a More Inclusive World: Overcoming Barriers to EnABLE Environments

Monday, April 3, 2023
10 a.m. – Noon EST
ECOSOC Chamber, United Nations, NY City

Working towards eliminating social barriers and promoting the empowerment of persons with disabilities figures prominently on social workers’ agendas worldwide. An inaccessible or inadequate physical environment often undermines the ability of persons with disabilities to participate meaningfully in society, becoming an obvious impediment and contributing to social discrimination and exclusion.

Identifying the multitude of visible and invisible barriers that limit access by people with disabilities to education, employment, health care, housing, and other social services is a first step on the road toward creating a more inclusive world, a “society for all”. Disability is a human rights and development issue. Social workers are crucial stakeholders in building awareness of these issues and exploring ways to make social institutions more responsive to human needs, promoting the integration of persons with all abilities in society to the fullest extent.

The 2023 Social Work Day at the United Nations in New York aims to further our understanding of disability issues in human rights and developmental contexts. It seeks to highlight a full spectrum of this discourse, tackling theoretical aspects and down-to-earth issues encountered by practitioners and policymakers. The presentations on promoting enabling environments will identify ways in which socially discriminatory barriers can be reduced or eliminated.

Social Work Day at the United Nations 2023 program available here.

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