ICSW statement against the war

Since 1928, ICSW has worked tirelessly to strengthen welfare systems around the world. Over nearly 100 years, we have faced many important challenges, the greatest of which is undoubtedly achieving a peaceful world. Peace is an essential element for social welfare, an essential element for developing life trajectories, and for advancing the rights of human beings. Without peace there is no social welfare.

To the tragedy of the COVID19 has been added in recent weeks the aggression that Ukraine is suffering from Russia. ICSW strongly condemns all aggression, and calls on President Putin to immediately cease military hostilities with Ukraine. The search for peaceful solutions to conflicts, always respecting human rights, must be one of our priorities. Social welfare is based on peace, justice and decent living conditions for people all over the world. War is causing just the opposite, millions of displaced people, destruction and death, and desolation.

As an NGO dedicated to social welfare for almost 100 years, ICSW expresses its total condemnation of this war. And it is committed to collaborate in any activity that will help restore peace and help the people affected by this conflict.