In Memoriam - Michael Cichon

Some very sad news came at the end of the year 2022—Michael Cichon, the former President of ICSW in 2012-2016 passed away in Bocholt, Germany on 30 December 2022. It is a huge loss for all those who knew and admired Michael and for his many friends and colleagues. Our hearts and deepest condolences go out to his immediate family. It is hard to believe that Michael is no longer with us.

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International Congress on Social Policies 2022: The Challenge of Social Inclusion in Future Europe

Hosted by University of Malaga and organized jointly with ICSW and University of Málaga
November 30, December 1, 2 and 3, 2022

The Congress will take place at the Faculty of Social and Labor Studies of the University of Malaga. It is located at: Avenida Francisco Trujillo S/ N. Malaga, Spain. (Campus Expansion)

Language: English
Hybrid format: Live and Zoom

The aim of the Congress is to map innovative analyses and societal policy solutions to emerging social development issues, and to lay ground to a conclusions paper to help guide ICSW and its partners towards a strong impact on the envisaged UN Second World Summit for Social Development in 2025.

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Webinar “Progressive realisation: Building inclusive social protection systems in low- and middle-income countries using the principle of universality”

Date: Friday 7th October 2022 – Time & Time Zone: 2-3 pm CEST
You can confirm your local time here.

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There is broad consensus that expansion of social protection is a necessary response to the global food and economic crises. But an immediate reaction when universal social protection is proposed is often that “it is impossible, because it is too expensive!” or perhaps “we agree that universal social protection is the ultimate goal, but we must see it as a long-term vision. For now, we must target the poorest”. At this webinar we show how, in actual fact, universal programmes are a feasible and far more effective policy alternative to poverty targeting available to low- and middle-income countries. And, critically, that universality can be affordable if programmes are gradually introduced but maintain the principle of universality in their approach from day one.

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“Older Persons as Active Agents in a Changing Climate”

Note: This event was held on Friday, 30 September 2022, 13h00-14h30 CEST. For any additioanl follow-up details, please visit the UNCECE event's page.

The climate crisis impacts the entire globe, and persons of all ages experience the negative and harsh consequences of climate change. However, climate change disproportionately impacts older persons, especially older women, persons living in situation of poverty, and older persons with disabilities. Despite this, older persons are often not consulted or included in efforts to address the climate crisis.

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