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  • Scientific Seminar “Poverty of Children and Families“
    ICSW Europe General Assembly

    Scientific Seminar "Poverty of Children and Families“ took place on 30 November – 1 December 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania, in Mykolas Romeris University.

    This year's theme of the seminar focused on the poverty of children and the poverty of families which is an increasing problem in Europe.

    Around fifty participants took part in the hybrid event (face to face and online form) that lasted one whole day (a half day on 30 November and a half day of 1 December 2023). The Seminar officially opened Martynas Šiurkus (Vice-Minister of Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security and Labour). His opening words were followed by Jolanta Pivoriené (Vice-Dean for International Relations and Projects of the Faculty of Human and Social Studies at Mykolas Romeris University) and Max Rubisch (ICSW Europe President).


    The speakers in the first day of Seminar were: Jekaterina Navicke (Associate Professor at Social Policy Department, Vilnius University); Sheila Gois Habib (Policy and Advocacy Officer, European Anti-Poverty Network, Brussels); Judith Ranftler (Head of Department, Volkshilfe Austria, Vienna); Kathleen Wabrowetz (Head of international Department, German Association for Public and Private Welfare, Berlin); Anna Maria Isola (Researcher, Turku University and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare).

    The second day of the Seminar belonged to the speakers: Vida Česnuitytė (Associate Professor at the Faculty of Human and Society Studies, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius); Eva Holmberg-Herrström (ICSW Sweden, Former President of ICSW Global); Alejandro Sanz Angulo (Social Researcher, European Anti-Poverty Network, Spain); Dr. Ally Dunhill (Director of Policy, Advocacy and communications, Eurochild, Brussels).

    student discussion

    For the whole programme of the Seminar, read here.

    Abstracts of the presentations will be available in 4/2023 ICSW Europe Newsletter.

    Annual ICSW Europe General Assembly took part at Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania on 1 December 2023 (face to face and online combination).

    Program of the GA:

    1. Opening the GA, Approval of the Agenda, Checking of Voting Rights (paid-up members)
    2. Approval of ICSW Europe GA Minutes held on 2 December 2022
    3. Presentation of ICSW Europe Annual Activity Report 2023 (for approval)
    4. Report 2022 from the Treasurer (for adoption and discharging of responsibility, after the auditors have made their comments)
    5. Statement by the Auditors for 2022 accounts (for approval and decision)
    6. Updating of the Budget for 2023 and Approval of the Budget for 2024
    7. Any Other Matters Arising
    8. Closing the General Assembly

  • ICSW Europe

    ICSW Europe and Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius with the support of the Lithuanian Committee of ICSW are organising

    Scientific Seminar “Poverty of Children and Families“

    date: 30 November 2023 – 1 December 2023
    venue: Mykolas Romeris University, Didlaukio Street 55, Vilnius, Lithuania

    ICSW is a worldwide non-governmental organization whose basic objective since its foundation in 1928 is to strengthen social welfare. ICSW Europe – the regional organization –every year holds a seminar on a European issue in social work and social policy.

    Our central theme for this year is the problem of increasing poverty in Europe. After the European Poverty Watch Report 2022, the groups most at risk of poverty are Migrants, Roma, Unemployed persons, Women, Elderly, Youth and especially Children. The report says about child poverty:

    “24.4 % of children in the European Union were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2021 – compared with 21.1 % of adults ….. This is particularly worrying as experiencing poverty as a child is likely to have life-long impacts.“

    With this background ICSW Europe will organise together with the Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius a Scientific Seminar on “Poverty of Children and Families“ on 30 November and 1 December 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In this Seminar the following sub-themes should also be discussed:

    • Connections between poverty and the Climate Crisis;
    • Growing poverty as a consequence of the COVID-19 Crisis;
    • Growing poverty as a consequence of the war against Ukraine;
    • Growing poverty through the rising costs of food, housing and energy as further consequences of the war.

    The United Nations are planning a World Summit for Social Development in 2025. The output of the Seminar should also be a contribution to the preparation of this summit.
    The language of the Seminar will be English. It will be a hybrid seminar where participation is possible in presence or online. Participants consist of representatives of ICSW member organizations, European and National NGO's and academic institutions. The event will be open also for students of the university.

    Download the Programme of the Scientific Seminar (PDF)

    mru campus

  • ICSW Europe General Assembly

    date: 1 December 2023, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm CET / 3:30 pm – 5:30 EET
    venue: Mykolas Romeris University, Didlaukio Street 55, Vilnius, Lithuania
    form: hybrid (face to face meeting combined with online meeting – ZOOM platform)

    Download the Programme of the General Assembly (PDF)


  • International Congress on Social Policies 2022: The Challenge of Social Inclusion in Future Europe was organised jointly with ICSW and UNED and hosted by the University of Malaga from 30 November 2022 – 3 December 2023.

    The aim of the Congress was to map innovative analyses and societal policy solutions to emerging social development issues, and to lay ground to a conclusions paper to help guide ICSW and its partners towards a strong impact on the envisaged UN Second World Summit for Social Development in 2025.

    Congress Social Policies 2022

    The International Congress was a joint venture by International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) and the University of Malaga and UNED with other Spanish Partners.

    International Council on Social Welfare, ICSW supported the Congress by organizing its Capacity Building Seminar and its yearly General Assembly in conjunction of that event. The purpose of the Capacity Building Seminar was to explore the current and future social policy challenges, particularly in Europe with the understanding of the global context.

    The University of Malaga together with UNED were hosting the event and provided academic inputs and leadership to the event and its discussions. The event also served as networking platform by the involved organisations.

    ICSW & Europe Presidents

    Participants consisted of representatives of ICSW Member Organisations and the aforementioned cooperating academic institutions. The event was open and free also for students of the University of Malaga and also for those people from other universities who presented communications. The event and Zoom was also opened to all members of ICSW, not only those in the European Region.

    Review the full event programme here.

  • ICSW Europe General Assembly 2022

    2022 General Assembly (GA) took place in Malaga, Spain in the Faculty of Social and Labour Studies of the University of Malaga on 2 December 2022. The venue of the GA was offered to ICSW Europe by the University of Malaga represented by Antonio López Peláez. Those members who could not come in person could join the meeting online via ZOOM platform.

    Eleven members of ICSW Europe took part in the meeting. It was a great honour that Dr. Sang-Mok Suh, Global President of ICSW, accepted the invitation and spoke personally at the GA. In his address, he expressed his gratitude for the possibility to meet ICSW Europe participants of the GA in person as the last year activities were hold mostly online thanks to the situation with Covid-19. He said that he hoped that European region would be active in organising such events as the Congress in Malaga in the future just as it used to be in the past.

    The agenda of the GA:

    1. Opening, Approval of the Agenda, Checking of Voting Rights (paid-up members)
    2. The address of ICSW President – Dr. Sang-Mok Suh
    3. Approval of the Minutes of the GA held online (ZOOM), 20 January 2022
    4. Election of ICSW Europe Board members 2022-2024, (for approval and decision) – results of electronic voting (E-mail sent on 24 October 2022)
    5. Presentation of ICSW Europe Annual Activity Report 2021 (for the records), 2022 (for discussion and approval)
    6. Report of 2021 from the Treasurer (for adoption and discharging of responsibility, after the auditors have made their comments)
    7. Statement by Auditors for 2021 accounts (for approval and decision)
    8. Election of Auditors and Election Committee members (2 year terms)
    9. Updating of the Budget for 2022 and Budget for 2023
    10. Any Other Matters Arising
    11. Closing the General Assembly

    Three new Board members were confirmed by the Election Committee for the position of ICSW Europe Board members (after previous electronic voting): Jukka Petteri Haapakoski (Finland), Alina Petrauskiené (Lithuania) and Monika Wabrowetz (Germany).

    ICSW Europe Annual Activity Report was presented by the President of ICSW Europe, Ronald Wiman, of the period of 2021 (for the records) and 2022 (for discussion and approval). In his report, Ronald Wiman focused on mission, joint global programme, membership, knowledge creation, events and conferences in 2022, information dissemination, networking and influencing policies, management of ICSW Europe and regional elections 2022.

    Ronald Wiman as outgoing President, characterized the years in ICSW Europe Board as extremely nice and useful. He thanked all ICSW Europe members for their fruitful cooperation and the Board with that he cooperated the closest. He congratulated a new ICSW Europe President, Max Rubisch and the members of a new Board and wished them good luck at their work.

    General Assembly

    from the left: Jean-Michel Hôte (Treasurer), Gabriela Siantova (Secretary), Jukka Petteri Haapakoski (Board member), Dr. Sang-Mok Suh (Global ICSW President), Ronald Wiman (ICSW Europe President), Max Rubisch (new ICSW Europe President), Antonio López Peláez (ICSW Executive Director), Alina Petrauskiené (ICSW Europe Board member)

    ICSW Europe Presidents

    Two ICSW Europe Presidents: an outgoing President – Ronald Wiman and a new President – Max Rubisch

  • ICSW Europe New Board - View contact info