Ending child marriage in Africa – What could be done?

by Christopher Dapaah
Excerpt from Global Newsletter - September 2016

In many African countries communities have increasingly recognized child marriage as a serious challenge. Child marriage disproportionately affects young girls, who are much more likely to be married as children compared to young boys. For many of these girls marriage before the age of 18 or younger is a personal, life-changing tragedy having a devastating and long-lasting impact.

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The human dignity and value of every human being: what does it mean for Morocco today?

from Global Newsletter - August 2016

The theme of dignity seems abstract on the surface but in fact it is at the heart of what should be the central concern of public policy not only in our country, Morocco, by also playing a decisive role on the agenda of all regional and international organizations concerned with human condition. It has direct relevance for the world development in the XXI century. It is also of the utmost importance to try to see the interaction of these two fundamental concepts: the dignity and value of the human being.

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Seoul Declaration from IASSW, ICSW & IFSW

The three partner organisations dealing with social policy, social work and social work education are committed to the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development in promoting a just and inclusive world and a sustainable environment in harmony with communities.

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Towards the World Conference on Social Work and Social Development 2016: in search of greater equity in the Latin America region

By Nelsida Marmolejos
from Global Newsletter - May 2016

Looking for practical solutions to address the vulnerabilities and perils they face daily, thousands of men and women have joined forces in an effort to achieve the improvement of their living conditions and well-being, upholding equity and social justice. The empowerment of people, meaningful involvement and participation became the key words for many civil society organizations striving to improve social development outcomes. The adoption by the United Nations of the new 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda makes it imperative to find solutions that are responsive to the complexities, needs and capacities of individual countries, solutions that combine the economic, social and environmental dimensions while putting the highest priority on the eradication of poverty and on reducing inequality, while also aimed at saving the planet.

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