European Accessibility Act

European Disability Forumfrom European Newsletter - Spring 2016

The European Disability Forum (EDF) is an independent NGO that represents the interests of 80 million Europeans with disabilities. EDF is a unique platform which brings together representative organisations of persons with disabilities from across Europe.

EDF welcomes the publication of the long awaited Accessibility Act by the European Commission. It is of key importance that the Accessibility Act takes the form of a Directive.

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Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors: strategy meeting of the Core Team

logo SPF CoalitionSince the inception of the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors four years ago the ICSW has been an active participant and contributor to its advocacy activities. The strategy meeting organized by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES) took place in Geneva on 7-8 March 2016, bringing together participants of the Core Team of the Coalition to discuss the existing challenges and define strategic priorities of the group. Sergei Zelenev, Executive Director of ICSW, took part in the meeting on behalf of ICSW.

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ICSW Europe Social Platform – Work Programme 2016

from European Newsletter - Winter 2016

2016 is the year that the European Union needs to prove itself. Following the crises it faced the previous year – the Greek debt and the situation of migrants and refugees to name just two – it is of utmost importance that the European institutions and Member States stick fast to European values of human rights, human dignity and solidarity. We believe that promoting a social agenda that brings a social dimension to all EU policies is vital to achieving this.

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