Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors: strategy meeting of the Core Team

logo SPF CoalitionSince the inception of the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors four years ago the ICSW has been an active participant and contributor to its advocacy activities. The strategy meeting organized by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES) took place in Geneva on 7-8 March 2016, bringing together participants of the Core Team of the Coalition to discuss the existing challenges and define strategic priorities of the group. Sergei Zelenev, Executive Director of ICSW, took part in the meeting on behalf of ICSW.

Internal concerns of the Coalition, such as re-calibrating its objectives, improving budgeting and financing, creating communication strategy and other practical matters, were discussed at length. While identifying gaps and opportunities, the strategic meeting also concentrated on some thematic concerns, such as the refugee crisis in the context of social protection, the role of the informal sector and capacity-building issues. In light of the identified gaps and opportunities, participants put forward proposals on future projects and activities. After the results were summarized and presented to the plenary, responsibilities were assigned among the members of the Coalition, with a clear time frame presented for the short, medium and longer terms.

The meeting was addressed by the Director of the ILO Social Protection Department, Dr. Isabel Ortiz, who briefed the participants on recent ILO initiatives and presented an overview of the current developments in the area of social protection, internationally and nationally. She underscored the significance of the Social Protection Assessment-based National Dialogue (ABND) promoted by ILO as an important mechanism for setting priorities in national social protection systems, providing a welcome opportunity for all national stakeholders to come together and consider policy options.

REPORT - Strategy meeting of the Core Team (141 KB)

Article from the March 2016 edition of the ICSW Global Newsletter