Letter to Members: New Executive Director in ICSW

Dear Members and Friends,

In this mail I will inform you about the change in the position of Executive Director (ED). Sergei Zelenev resigned his position as Executive Director on May 27. ICSW thanks him for the seven years he has served the organisation with a wide engagement and huge knowledge in social policy. ICSW wishes him all the best for the future. Sergei however, will stay as our representative to the United Nations in New York for another year.

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IASSW, ICSW and IFSW Joint Statement

The Presidents of International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) and International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) are delighted to announce their ongoing joint commitment to the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social development and that the three organizations will be jointly holding world conferences in 2022 and 2024 with the expectation that joint conferences will continue into the future. It was agreed that whenever possible the world conferences will be rotated by the region. While there is no criterion for any of the partner organizations to have local member in the conference host country, attention should be given by the conference host to assist with the development of local members for each of the global members.  In 2022 other partners can be involved at the subcommittee level such as the Programme Committee. In 2024 a global service-user organization will be invited as an equal partner with IASSW, ICSW and IFSW as the global hosts of the world conference.

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Message to the social workers of Iran

Dear Social Workers of Iran,

As you celebrate Social Work Day 2019 we join you by sending our warmest wishes. As social workers around the world form a global community working for equitable decent well-being for all, some core values are equally shared: The dignity of all, social justice and human rights.

Even if the work will be varied based on different conditions for social work as well as society as such around the globe, the core concerns remain similar for a profession striving towards opportunities and realisation of human potential for all people.

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The World Social Work Day celebrated in Bangkok

The World Social Work Day 2019 for the Asia and Pacific was celebrated at the United Nations Convention Centre on 4th April 2019. The event was organized by the Department of Social Development and Welfare, Government of the Kingdom of Thailand in collaboration with the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT), member of ICSW. Prof. P.K.Shajahan, Vice President ICSW was invited by the Government of Thailand upon suggestion by the ICSW SEAP president Mr. Chinchai Cheecheroen. The event was attended by social workers, social work educators and social work students from the Asia and the Pacific and officials from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and Department of Social Development and Welfare, Government of Kingdom of Thailand.

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